Our Mission

My Mission

our-mission1My mission and that of Nude Food, is to help you live an organic, sustainable and healthy lifestyle and we will achieve that by:

  • Sourcing ethically – ensuring we pay a fair price to the hardworking people in our supply chain.
  • Working to preserve and protect the environment – modern commercial agriculture is more concerned with yield and output than looking after the land. We passionately believe we can achieve both, producing amazing food while looking after the very planet feeding us.
  • Promote natural, sustainable living – we are only here for a short time, until we have to hand over the planet to our children and our grandchildren. We therefore must work hard to ensure we are handing over a planet that will continue to sustain their livelihood.

Ethically sourced products for your enjoyment

We choose our suppliers carefully, based on both the quality of their produce, as well as their guarantee that their food is sourced ethically. Ethical sourcing to us means that the people who have worked hard so that we have the choice and variety in our stores are fairly compensated for their efforts.

Preserving and Protecting the Environment

Commercial food production is one of the leading causes of global warming. The use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers also have an impact on the environment often causing unintended damage to small animal and insect life. By promoting organic living, we believe we are playing our role in reducing the impact of agriculture on the planet.

Natural, Sustainable Living

Organic agriculture and sustainable farming both have a net positive impact on the environment and the planet. At Nude Food, together with our carefully chosen suppliers, we share a common vision; to live a natural, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. By helping to preserve the planet we share with some many others, we are ensuring future generations will enjoy this planet as much as we have done.

Shop for organic products with confidence

By shopping with us, you can shop in the confidence, we do everything we possible to ensure the highest quality organic food is delivered to your door. Everything has been tried and tested by ourselves so check out our store now !