Easy Peasy Meusli Bars

Sometimes you just have to have breakfast on the run. Instead of buying something from a shop with all the nasties and additives, make yourself some muesli bars. Easy peasy!

  • 200g butter
  • 200g muscovado sugar
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 4 tbsp honey (available I our shop)
  • 500g muesli (available in our shop)
  • a handful of pumpkin seeds
  • a handful of chopped dried apricots


  1. heat the oven to 180C. Melt the butter, sugar and honey together with the cinnamon and simmer for 2 minutes. stir in the muesli, pumpkin seeds and dried apricots.
  2. pack the mixture into a lined baking sheet, cover with foil and bake for 15 minutes. leave in the tin for 10 minutes, then loosen the edges and turn out. slice into squares and serve cold.


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