Why Organic

Living an organic lifestyle offers many benefits to your health and the environment. Choosing to ditch your current lifestyle and turning to organic food is often a challenge. Where do you start? Do you have to make a complete shift or can you phase organic food into your diet gradually? Here are some of the reasons why organic food and organic living is great for you and your family.


Top benefits of living an organic lifestyle

So what does it mean to live an organic lifestyle? Our ancestors lived off the land, did not have access to chemical fertilisers and pesticides to aid them in growing their food and the result was a diet rich in naturally pure food that contained no harmful chemicals. Fast forward a couple of thousand years and our diet is filled with countless chemicals, from growth hormones to harmful antibiotics. All these additives have an impact on your health and that of your family. Living organically therefore means eating naturally grown food, free from chemical additives and as wholesome as nature intended. The benefits of organic living include the following:

  • Chemical free food – Conventional farming methods involve the extensive use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Residues of these chemicals remain in the food after harvest and enters the food chain when the food is eaten. Eating organic means you are not exposed to these chemical residues.
  • Fresher and better tasting food – Locally grown organic food is often fresher and tastier as no chemical additives are needed to keep it fresh for longer.
  • Free from antibiotics and growth hormones – Organically produced meat comes from animals free from antibiotics, growth hormones, and animal by-products. Traces of these often remain in the animal after slaughter and are passed to humans when consumed. This often leads to antibiotic resistant bacteria which affects your health.
  • Nutrient and vitamin dense – Organic milk and meat often contains higher levels of nutrients and vitamins, offering better health benefits.
  • Gentle on the environment – organically produced food is great for the environment because it causes less water, air and soil pollution. Organic farming is also great for biodiversity because it does not use pesticides which harm other plants and small animals.

Living organically is not just about food

Turning to an organic lifestyle is more than just about your food choices. Often referred to as green living, an organic lifestyle seeks to make the most of the natural products, whether it’s clothing or toiletries, due to their low impact on the environment. From choosing organic cleaning products to bedding and linen, there is so much you can do to live a truly organic lifestyle.

How to get started. It’s easier than you think

Just like making any change to your lifestyle, the beginning is always the hardest. This is the same with adopting an organic lifestyle. The trick here is to pick just a single area to start making changes, take action over a period of time and then gradually introduce more changes. The main advantage of taking a phased approach is to avoid a major upheaval to routines and habits. You could start by replacing your usual breakfast items and see how that goes.

Whatever are you decide to start with, rest assured we have the products and knowledge to support you in living an organic lifestyle. Browse our online store to choose from the different food categories we have available, and start living a healthier lifestyle, while taking care of yourself today.